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Bottle cage - Retro style

Bottle cage - Retro style

Aimed at 'normal' sized bottles, the Retro cage adds a little more style and can be used for a bigger variety of bottles due to its springness.

There are two versions of the Retro cage:

"Type I" with no tab, which is the traditional design. This style is preferred when using taller, metal water bottles such as the 27oz Klean Kanteen.

"Type II" with a tab on the back to hold smaller and regular plastic bottles securely. 

For oversized bottles like Nalgenes, look at the Velo Orange Mojave bottle cage


The Retro is a regular one-handed cage; you insert the bottle just like in any other cage, but it holds the bottle very securely due to the spring-like shape. You can spread the cage for an oversized bottle, or squeeze the cage inward for a better fit with (for instance) a metal water bottle.

Retro cages are made by hand from a single length of 3mm stainless steel rod and then electro-polished. If you examine it closely from all angles you'll see that it is, indeed, hand made.

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