A bit about us

After years of discussing how we would do things our own way, an opportunity presented itself for a temporary pop-up premises so we jumped on it.

Retrofitting an old barbers in June 2023 we made a go of it to see it was viable.

After a successful summer (albeit some issues with a difficult property owner, and no power for 9 weeks!) we decided to go all in and moved to our permanent location.

We are constantly building up our range - If you cant find what you need on our website or in store, drop us a message.


Our main passion is 80s / 90s mountain bikes - Rigid with 26Inch wheels.

These kinds of frames are typically 'not specially special'. Most often they use standardised sizes that are compatible with vintage or modern parts.

If you haven't already, have a look at reddit / xBiking for inspiration.

We are stoked to work on and rebuild almost any bike but especially if its got that retro 80’s or 90’s vibe.